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Kick Off Your Employee Relocation the Right Way
A Guide to a Successful Relocation Planning Process

Gathering information on successful employee relocations can be a tricky proposition. Moving an employee—and
perhaps their entire family—is an intensely personal process. A good HR manager knows that the strategies that
worked best for one transferee might not work for another. However, it is still important to assess and analyze each
relocation. By asking the right questions and collecting the right data points throughout the relocation process, you
can craft smart policy, avoid common pitfalls during the move, and inform future relocations.

The purpose of this ebook is to help you set up a system to evaluate your employee relocation program. In this ebook you will discover how to:

  • Evaluate your current relocation policy
  • Understand the different types of relocation packages
  • Discover Relocation package perks

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